At Sigma Aerospace Metals, we are capable of performing the following value-added services:


12' Shear

12′ Shear

With our 12′ shear we can easily and accurately cut aluminum from 0.012″-0.375″ thick into anything from small test coupons or into long 1″ x 144″ strips.


13" Bar Saw

13″ Bar Saw

Our bar saw offers us the ability to cut up to 13″ diameter round bar or 15″ square bar in any alloy material, from the softest copper to the hardest super alloy.


Vinyl Masking

Vinyl Masking

With our vinyl masking machine and our choices of masking, Sigma can protect any sheet or plate item that passes through our warehouse.


Close proximity to New York area airports and piers.

Close proximity to New York area airports and piers.

We are located in Hauppauge, New York, just 30 miles east of New York City.


Company owned trucks

Company owned trucks

Our company owned trucks travel daily to the New York area airports and piers, as well as delivering within a 75 air-mile radius around Hauppauge.